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Welcome to My Portfolio

Stefan Velev

Videos I've Made

Below are a series of videos that I created myself - feel free to browse through to see what I can do.

Alternatively please visit the Showreel page to see a wider variety!

Gravity Encounters: Lord Rees Trailer
The Battle for the Power Converter
Sicario Sounds Promotional
Lockhouse Sting
LarpCon 2021
The Drunk Knight
Doc. Green Scooter Test Ad
Kiss or Cross

About Me

Bulgarian-born, Dubai-raised, Germany-taught, England-lived. 

I'm a well-travelled individual who has chosen his place and career in the world.

As a creative individual, I've always been attracted to film & video industry and am now beginning my journey into freelancing. I'm always looking for new opportunities to expand my horizons and develop my skillset. 



Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire, CB25 9LG

+44 7721 422125

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Movie Fun
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